Bad habits versus good habits

Recently I have been reading Atomic Habits. Author James Clear. It’s a part of my course Freedom Alchemist organized by my coaches Paul Greene and Kate Austin. For me these last few months attending the course brought me new insights how to pick up the pieces of the puzzle I dropped along my way. 

The result was feeling stuck and not knowing how to get out of this loop of not feeling well, no interest of doing anything and all other bad stuff. I lost interest in my business and my discomfort with everything reflected my life. Things I didn’t want in my life seem to be the only thing I could focus on. Being positive was very hard to do and I ended up being depressed. 

This loop continued until my attention was caught by an advertisement on Facebook; “ Join the Freedom Alchemist”. It was as if the ad was only written for me and how I felt. Especially the word “Freedom” was written in capital letters. At least in my opinion. I hesitated for a while because it was an American coach and english is not my first language. Secondly my experience with American events it’s always a lot of excitement and clapping and sheering. Because my dutch background my behavior is a bit more reserved. And last but not least the time difference between Europe and America. To participate I had to get up in the middel of the night once a week. 

All my no’s and maybe’s didn’t stop me to register and so I’m here now feeling so much better. Finally my future is positive again and after a few changes in my daily routine i”m doing great. This decision was the best I made for a long time. There are still topic to work on. One of these topics is how to keep on going with the good work. 

At the end of the previous course my biggest question was wether I could avoid slipping into my old pattern. The Universe took care of that question. I registered for another three months program and there was this book; Atomic Habits.

James Clear explains how habits work. Good and bad habits. How they come above and how I can transform them (bad habits) so they serve my life in a good way instead of being a burden. First, I need to understand which habits  I consider good and which I can better let go or change. It will not be easy to break patterns and it will take time and persistence. But you know the saying never give up? If I want something bad enough, if my why is big enough I will succeed. Even now, at the beginning of my process I totally agree with Oprah Winfrey.